Day care for dogs.

Hello and welcome to Holidays for Dogs.  If you have yet to visit be assured that Holidays for Dogs is a really good place, and your dog will have the best of care.  There’s a decent sized garden and all dogs manage to adapt and settle in really quickly – even the shy ones.  Dogs are pack animals and although your dog may not be used to being with other dogs – they soon begin to enjoy playing with one another.  As they have come with their own bed and brought their own food – all that’s needed is some understanding and plenty of love, there is no shortage of either.

Having a blog for Holidays for Dogs is a new idea.  I rather like the thought because it gives me the opportunity to tell you more about what happens with home boarding and day care for dogs.

At the time of writing I have one `day care’ dog called Charlie staying.  He’s a Cocker Spaniel and his main aim in life is to play with the other dogs until he is very tired.  Inbetween playing with the other dogs he has taken a liking to my sweeping brush and it is being dragged round the garden with great gusto. No I don’t think he is about to give it up and I may well need to buy myself a new brush.

Earlier today dear Rolo arrived for a few days holiday. He is a small pugnacious little dog with a brilliant attitude.  He just loves visiting and the company of the other dogs.  It has to be said his bed was automatically up for inspection by the other dogs – and every attempt for made to pinch his dinner.  I moved and rescued the biccies.  Rolo has quickly settled back in home from home.

Freddie has been sending an email to his `Mum’ telling her what he is up to.  Oh yes most dogs can `learn how to email’ and when owners are half way across the world it is a great way of being reassured that their dog is having a great time.

Inbetween all this excitement – the grass needs to be cut – the basic household things….unfortunately dogs have not learnt how to clean up – but you never know what they will do next.  Until next time.

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